Electro Hippies-Killing babies is tight (tape,1986)

There is no need to say much here, you probably know them and the web is full of infos about them:"Killing babies is tight" was one of the demo tapes of Electro Hippies, and was recorded sometime back in 1986 delivering about eleven minutes of primitive crust/grind. This one was their first demo, the second one was "Killing babies for profit" and was recorded about a year later.
The cover artwork here is the same with Play fast or die lp, i don't know if this is the original artwork, sometimes the EH smiling face appears as cover of both demos
EH split up around 1989, Jeff Walker joined Carcass and Andy Barnard (guitar/vocals) went on with Nightmare Visions (Death/Doom) and Metal Duck (Grind/thrash)

03:Run Ronald
04:Wings of death
05:Vivisection song
06:Say Goodbye

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