VA-All hope lost...Swedish hardcore 1982-1993

Unofficial tape compilation with some of the most important bands coming out of Sweden: Bombafall contribute the tracks from "Esiktsfrihet" ep from 1987, Svart Parad tracks are taken from Sista Kriget 1984-86" cd compilation, Anticimex tracks are from "Rapped ass" ep and some demo recordings. No Security contribute some demo and live tracks previously unreleased while Shitlickers contribute the entire "Warsystem" 7" from 1982. Disfear is the last band in their st ep
A01:Bombanfall-Asiktsfrihet (Freedom of opinion)
A02:Bombanfall-Ogon i morkret (Eyes in the dark)
A04:Bombanfall-Iskallt regn (Icecold rain)
A05:Bombanfall-Halsning fran helvetet (A greeting from hell)
A06:Bombanfall-Mot en stralande framtid (Towards a shining future)
A07:Svart Parad-Crossa porren (Crush the porn)
A08:Svart Parad-Grundat for hyckleri (Formed for hypocrisy)
A09:Svart Parad-Avskaffa alla Jobb (Erase all jobs)
A10:Svart Parad-Krigets herrar (Lords of war)
A11 :Svart Parad-Jag Tycker Synd Om Er (I Feel Sorry For You)
A12:Svart Parad-Samhallet och staten (Society and state)
A13:Anticimex-When the innocent die
A15:Anticimex-Raped ass
A16:Anticimex-En dod soldat (A dead soldier)
A17 :Anticimex-Wave of fear
B01:No Security-Ar det fritt? (Is it free?)
B02:No Security-Ett rent helvete (A pure hell)
B03:No Security-Hardcore Rebeller
B04:No Security-Snart ar det forsent (Soon it's too late)
B05:No Security-Nar? (When?)
B06:No Security-Religion - En fara (Religion - A threat)
B07:No Security-I'm nothing
B09:Shitlickers-Armed Revolution
B10:Shitlickers-Sprackta snutskallar (Cracked copskulls)
B11:Shitlickers-The leader (Of the fuckin' assholes)
B13:Shitlickers-Desperate scream from the heat
B14:Shitlickers-The night of the holocaust
B15:Shitlickers-No system works
B17:Disfear-Min elegi (My elegy)
B18:Disfear-Undergang (Downfall)
B19:Disfear-Vietnam idag (Vietnam today)
B20:Disfear-Det sista kriget (The last war)


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here the link of demo from 2001


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good stuff, i'm gonna add you to my top blogs, check out mine if you want, you might like it.

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Thanks for this one!!
Btw, been looking hard for a Swedish Split cassette from mid 80´s(?) the bands are Fiasko & Groteska Taskar, know absolutely nothing about theese two bands other than GT had one song on the famous "I Thrash Therefor I Am" cassette.... any help is appresh.

7inchcrust said...

Dan, i can't help you:i don't have anything neither from GT nor Fiasko, "I Thrash Therefor I Am" is a tape i m looking for too. you should ask Slobbo of "Only in in for the music" of Masken of "Blog as fuck" (link on the sidebar. both are from Sweden

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Thanks for the effort/links, tho!

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Hey great blog,
Looking for any other stuff by Bombanfall, if you have any leads on the DELERIUM TREMENS vol. 14 comp tape or a love tape get in touch .


BORG- sniperfux((((a$t))))Hotmail(((((D$o$T)))com

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Live tape that is, though a bombanfall love tape would be interesting.