Body Grinder-Moritunto (tape,1996)

Body Grinder was a grindcore/death metal/blackmetal band from Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy. They formed in 1996 and recorded the "Moritunto" tape in 1996(or 1997) and soon after this they changed their name to Rising Moon and released four full length's and several demos.
As Body Grinder they started as a two-man band. "Moritunto" is a six track tape (one track is missing here..) where one genre is mixed with another: Death metal guitar riffs mixed with black metal drums, keyboards and atmospheric parts followed by chaotic outbreaks with blast beats and distorted growls or black metal shrieking screams. And all these in raw production. Never heard anything of Rising Moon but"Moritunto"'s variety back in these days seemed to be a promising beginning for these two young metalheads. About 21 minutes total running time. Nowadays there is a grind band called Body Grinder but this is another band
02:No mercy for the Christian
03:Tendro tedio (instrumental)
04:Graveless cemetery

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