Made in Sweden #2

The second part of compilation with bands coming out of Sweden in demo recordings. No need to say anything, if you got #1 then you now what you get here:A sonic mayhem of brutal grindcore, crust and hardcore. There are tags in each track about the demo that are taken from, the majority of bands appears for first time here, only a few bands appear in Pt 1 too and two or three tracks are taken from "HJÄLP SNUTEN - SLÅ DIG SJÄLV" cdr compilation.
enjoy it..!:)
01-Manipulation-Sounds of war
02-Baditudes-history repeats its self
03-Ond Brad Tod-Mekanisk ddsmssa
04-Dislickers-The final apocalypse
05-Lautsurmer-Dead above ground
06-Saboteur-Fuck Off
07-Fredag Den 13.e-Aktion
08-Inhuman Act-Conflict
09-Anger Burning-War never changes
11-Auktion-Regeringsmakt = Diktatur
12-Krimtank-Stoppa pressarna
14-End of all-Stillborn eyes
15-Infarkt-En Varelse Av Skit
16-Disprocess-sex manader
17-Discover-Ghost of the holocaust
19-Infanticide-Manifesto of hate
20-Sleepless Nights-Downing
21-365 Dagar av synd-Sopa skiten under mattan
22-Avskyvarld-Nordic battlegroup
23-Ana Barata-Liv=slaveri
24-Civil Olydnad-Manniska maskin

Made in Sweden #2


Anonymous said...

Great one again. But next time you have to include Sub Alert :-)

7inchcrust said...

ok,ok, :)

Skjuta Vargar said...

What a fuck are you talking about ville , Inhuman Act is serious , and has alway been serious sience 2004 . so dont say that you were only the bass player in inhuman act for one year. But i still wonder why there is a Inhuman Act song on this cd we havent released any demos in a physical format, we have only released it on the internett, and we have only played 6 shows on 5 years.

7inchcrust said...

hi people :)
this is a compilation i made my self for this blog. its an internet compilation and it is not for selling: all tracks here are collected from the websites of bands, thats why there is a Inhuman Act track here. This comp. was made as a kind of tribute to the Swedish scene (there is also a part I of this in this blog)and was made to support and spread the word of these bands and not to make money,
most of the tracks here are taken from demo/rehearsal recordings,only a few tracks are taken from official releases. i m glad you like it,

Bergman said...

thanks for this one. i first thought it was released as a cd, i was surprised that my band ABNORM was on it, but i read that you just made it yourself for the blog! =) why don't you do a cd-r and sell it for... ah... i don't know. nothing =), to give away and spread the word. thanks anyway for this one, many great great bands. check out my blog if there is anything yoy like /Bergman

7inchcrust said...

hi Bergman,
this is unbelievable timing:last night i was going to post Abnorm and about your internet releases but i was tired,and then you made the comment..
ahaha, good timing :)
i did this for the music not to make money of it,people who download it could burn a cd and print a cover, there is no way to make something for the money.
i added Toilet Paper Bible in my link list
Skål :)