Disharmonic Orchestra-The unequalled visual (1988,tape)

The unequalled visual was a rehearsal tape of Disharmonic Orchestra recorded in December of 1988. It consists four tracks not far from the chaos of "Requiem for the forest" demo:Brutal vocals, grinding guitars, variety of tempos, raw and chaotic production. "Stench of putrefaction" will appear in their split w Pungent Stench with new title ("Putrid stench") and much latter on "Not to be undimensional conscious" as "'Return Of The Living Beat"
(The cover artwork is not the original)
01:Rain of existence
02:Stench of putrefaction
04:Distorted mind


Anonymous said...

hey buddy,that DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA demo aint possible to download,zSHARE really sucks!could you please send me other link ,cheers a lot bro,pav:grindcorizer@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

El zSHARE es una mierda, publiquen otro link porfa, y si es posible par descargar not to be undimensional conscious. Gracias Azor.

7inchcrust said...

yes,yes el zshare es un mierda, try the new link my friend, ;)