Made in Sweden #1

Here's a compilation of Swedish bands in demo recordings. Some well known,some less known and some unknown acts appear here, 30 tracks of swedish crust, d-beat, hardcore and grindcore. All bands appear in demo recordings, only one track is taken from "Norrland D-beat" Comp cd, there are tags in every mp3 with info about the website of band, i would like to add some more songs but the file has already reached the 60 MB so i reduced it to 30 bands and 47 minutes total tuning time and next week there will be a part II of Swedish mayhem...
Enjoy it! skål!
01:Lautsurmer-Back for blood
02:Dodsdomd-Ond brad dod
03:Mardrom-Offer av ett bombregn
04:Reign of Terror-Adversaries of war
05:The Caravan Kids-Burn the churches
06:Fy Fan!-Fetmahεnad
07:Modora-In the pit rough mix
08:Dislickers-And the war continues
09:Fish Fingers-Multum
10:From the Ashes-Gore song (unreleased)
11:Systematisk Terror-Warfare
13:Massgrav-Napalm Over Stureplan
14:Obligatorisk Tortyr-Snartbryterkrigetut
15:Slaktattack-Vanvettets Triumf
16:Ambulance-Out of reach
17:Radioskugga-Mangel ist krieg
18:Discover-Ghost of the holocaust
19:Septic Mayhem-Caught in the act
2:Afgrund-Angester a total
21:Tortyr-Inga mirakel
22:Spraengd-jaq forsoker forsta
23:Irritation-Ingen lysandre framtid
24:Ogras-18 och oskuld
25:Shades of Grey-Decay
26:Guantanamo Bay-Tar mej ned
27:Kaftsmall- Grattis och lycka till
28:Ond Brad Tod-Sjlvmord
30:Moderatjavel-Moderater ater barn


Batguano said...

I finally got this thing to download! Great collection! I can't wait for Shades of Grey to start releasing more... everything I've sampled from them is great. Thanks for putting this comp together.

Anonymous said...
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