Disharmonic Orchestra-Requiem for the forest (tape,1988)

Disharmonic Orchestra was one of the bands that drove me into death metal fields back in late '80's: They formed in Klagenfurt, Austria and "Requiem for the forest" was their first demo tape recorded in 1988. They recorded two more demos ("The unequalled visual" and "Hypophysis rehearsal",both recorded in 1988) and their first official release was the split lp with Pungent Stench in 1989.
DO transformed into a progressive death metal band in mid 90 but here in their demo days they were a death metal band strongly influenced by hardcore and grindcore. "Requiem for the forest" is a 13 track (plus an intro) demo of raw grinding death metal. Lyrically they are far from the death metal occult/death/horror cliches and their lyrics are about social topics in a personal and surrealistic view. In "Fucking chicken town they used the lyrics of John Cooper Clarke,
Their discography includes 2 ep's:Successive substitution (Nuclear Blast,1989) and "(It was) Just a thought/Mind seduction (Nuclear Blast,1992) and 3 lp's:"Expositionsprophylaxe"(1990,Nuclear Blast), "Not to be Undimensional Conscious" (1992,Nuclear Blast) and Pleasuredome (1994,Steamhammer). In mid 90's they disbanded and came back in action in 2002 with "Ahead" lp (Nuclear Blast)
02:Onset of serious problems
03:Unsupported by evidence
04:Fucking chicken town
06:Lamentably ignorance
07:Compulsive screaming
08:Chill fart
09:Repulsive overtone
10:Induced by mental disorder
11:Disharmonic orchestra-terrified
12:Still birth
13:Genetic difference
14:Requiem for the forest

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