Framtid--Consuming shit and mind pollution (tape,2001)

Last week i bought "Under the Ashes" lp of Osaka outfits Framtid, i put it on my turnable and it is still there: A groundbreaking record full of energy, angry lyrics and great artwork.
Two years before "under the ashes", Framtid recorded "Consuming shit and mind pollution". This is a eight track demo recorded for "Under the ashes" but finally it was banned by the band, it delivers raw crust strongly influenced by Discharge and Swedish core, i don't have to say anything more about these guys since you probably know them, they are just one of the best bands of japanese hardcore/crust scene. "Under the Ashes" is an excellent record, the 8 track ep is a killer and their splits with Disclose and Seeing Red are just great.
Apart from "Consuming shit .." they recorded two other demos:"Counter Attack" and "C.D.C."
01:The curse
02:Scapes of tragedy
03:Bomb blast
04:Life's hard
05:No installation
07:Consuming shit and mind pollution
08:Centuries of war

Framtid-Consuming shit and mind pollution


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anyone know consuming shit and mind pollution lyric??
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i know Accink might never see this but for the rest of you here is the answer to his queston: