Surf-Nazis-Must-Die-demo (2002,tape)

Back in 1984 some guys from Horstel,Germany formed Adolf-Hitler-Klan. No,they were not nazis, they just wanted to provoke. They recorded a seven track demo tape of noisy hardcore punk and disbanded. All these years these guys were involved with numerous bands and finally in 2002 they got together and formed Surf-Nazis-Must-Die, they recorded a demo tape (2002) and the "Anti-everything" ep(Youth Attack Records) and once again they lost in oblivion.
This is their demo tape, it consists of nine tracks of raging hardcore, cacophonous vocals with pissed off lyrics and a get the hell out of here attitude.You should check their myspace (there is an interesting interview from Bullit zine ),
01:Fuck Osnabruck
02:Fuck my fucking future
04:I hate my world
05:Why has every str8 edger to be a tuff guy
06:No friends no crew
07:i'm not anti-girls, girls are anti-me
08:Your music sucks
09:Be like me and mr. T

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