F.O.M.I.-Demo (cdr,2004)

F.O.M.I. stands for Foda se O Mundo Inteiro and it means Fuck the entire world or something like that,.They come from Brazil and thats the only thing i know about them.
This is their demo cd recorded in 2004 and consists six tracks plus one bonus track. They have growling male/female, they sing in portuguese (lyrics included in the inlay), they mix hardcore riffs with grindcore , fast tempos and blasting drums and deliver eight minutes of brutality.Sometimes they sound like a more aggressive version of Apatia No
i have nothing more to say, they are worth enough to check em out
01:Empirial killer
03:Orgo 1....2
04:Somos contra a violência de gênero
06:Eu não tenho escolha
Bonus track:Aprecie seu pesadelo


Anonymous said...

One of my one-man projects, sort of like Extreme Noise Terror. Play it loud. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

good stuff.