Demonkratzie-Demoncracia 666 (cd, 2008)

i know absolutely nothing about these guys: They come from Aracaju, Sergipe Brasil and this is their demo cd recorded in 2008. Seven tracks of raw hardcore and 9:30" total running time, screaming vocals, drum outbreaks and unleashed brutality.
Their myspace has no any further info so if you know anything about them, just say it.. :)
01:Reacoes amorosas trasformadas em meras relacoes monetarias
02:La cada palavra omitiva auentam os passos rumo a independencia
03:O imperio cumecou a ruir
04:Assistindo au fim
06:Valores da colonizacao branca
07:Che esta morto e agora

Demonkratzie-Demoncracia 666


Silvio Henrique said...

hi man! thanks for the support us. Im guitarrist of the band, and if you want to know things about the band, send me your e-mail and I will gave a short release about us. Unfortunately, we dont have this release in our myspace page (www.myspace.com/demonkratzie), but I'll put in brief.
My contact is silviocrust@msn.com

Thanks a lot.

7inchcrust said...

Silvio check your mail :)