Warvictims-When the innocent cry (cd,2007)

Warvictims is a Dis-Crust band from Sweden and "When the innocent cry" is a demo cdr that accompanied the third issue of Swedish fanzine Skitliv!, Members of band stand behind this zine and its content seems to be a kind of bullshit: I ve seen several bad reviews about it (Attackfanzine wrote:"I can't get past the fact that a couple of the guys in this band also are responsible for the Swedish zine Skitliv which is one of the more moronic zines I've ever read, slandering women, gays, and whoever left and right.")
Thats the shit about Skitliv! to be honest i never red any issue and i can't tell a word about it,now about the demo: Music wise these guys rule:"When the innocent cry" crd was recorded in 2007 it was limited to only 100 copies and was given for free with Skitliv! # 3, it consists of five tracks of Discharge worship that deliver Doom and Hiatus tunes. Sometimes the whole thing sounds like Warcollapse, the sound quality is very good and stands above the middle average of demo recordings, the vocals are deep low growls, the guitar riffs are pages ripped from the Discharge book and lyrics deal with the familiar d-beat topic: Atrocities of war. Great band and along with Ambulance one of my new fave swedish outfits.
Warvictims started only a few years ago but they have many releases under their belt, you can find infos about their bio or discog either in Punk as Fuck or in their myspace.
01:Forst Hiroshima, sen Nagasaki
02:Why war why?
03:WAllt liv slacks
04:Lekplats blir gravplats
05:Slaughter & massdeath

Warvictims-When the innocent cry

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crust-demos are sehr cool ... thanx!