Demos vol 1

Ok, here's the Crust-Demos vol I with a bunch of unknown bands in demo recordings hailing from different places around the globe:if i m correct Pope did a comp like this some time ago but the idea was born after seeing Batguano's excellent comp with cover tracks.
Here's 15 bands from Poland,Brazil,Indonesia,Mexico,Malaysia,Italy,Greece,Serbia and USA: The comp starts with the dark melodic crust of Panacea from Poland and then comes the attack of Dis-clones from other places of world with all bands competing one another in noise and brutality. The last track(Words Means Nothing) is the return to gloom paths of neocrust.
All tracks are from demo recordings, there are tags in each mp3 informing about the webpage/myspace, the demo are taken from and the country of origin,(some tags missing due to lack of infos), all tracks are from the 2005/08,only Depressor and the Italian guys are from the 90's but there 's no problem with that in any way..
01:Panacea-Lost (POLAND)
02:Agitator-Progres (SERBIA)
03:The Dirty Dogs-Bom kereta (MALAYSIA)
04:Question-Question (USA,feat. Saira (Detestation etc)
05:Kontrasocial-WTO (INDONESIA)
06:Dyspnea-Innocents revenge (GREECE)
07:Massakro-Desdeel (MEXICO)
08:Nakot-kraj (SERBIA)
09:Death From ABove-Death wear's black (BRAZIL)
10:Discontrack-Terbunuh (INDONESIA)
11:Scum of Society-Corrupt (ITALY)
12:Depressor-FILTH (USA)
13:Meatgrinder-Viviendo ande sombras (MEXICO)
14:Nuclear Frost-Bombs away (BRAZIL)
15:Words Mean Nothing-Spektakl (POLAND)

Enjoy it..


Batguano said...

Man, you work fast! The comp. looks great; I'm downloading right....Now!

crustcracker said...

cool compilation,check also crustcracker compilations,and the crustcracked tribute to discharge

7inchcrust said...

hey Chris, will you post any Distortion comp? (vol 2 & 3?)it would be cool :)

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

well, the comp. I did was little bit different as I just put together various tracks I found on those bands myspace sites. I didn´t care if they were from demos, records, if they were covers or whatever. in other words: I did not put much thought in the compilation!

Anonymous said...

you can download Panacea'a demo album from here:
and Words Mean Nothing from here: