Kurwa Aparata-Demo tape (live at E.K.H Squat,2002)

Kurwa Aparata is a five piece crust band from Vienna,Austria, they formed in 2001 and members were previously in Sotatila, Terror Firmer,Dreschflegel and others. Their discography is two demos (one tape,one cdr,both recorded and selfreleased in 2002), a 3-way spit cd with Poundaflesh and The Hard Boiled in 2003 on the Malayasian label Sukma Records,a 4 way split 7" with Amnesie Antinational, Shock Troop and Deadline in 2003,the st 7" (self-released) and the split 7" with Viimeinen Kolonna (Kämäset Levyt and Ruidosa Records) in 2005 and contribution in several compilations including "Last Monarcho-punk" lp with Shock Troop, Böslinge, Apathie, Sotatila and others.
This tape here was recorded in 5 April 2002 in E.K.H squat in Vienna and delivers about 20 minutes of noisy crust, some copies are still available from the band.
KA Toured in Poland (twice),Germany,Croatia,Slovenia and Serbia, there is a video from a gig in MKNZ,Slovenia, 344 Mb, get it here
01:KA & Intolerance
03:Fucking pose
04:Don`t forget us
06:Arbeit Schδndet
07:Mind war
08:Our scream
10:We got more feelings than you think
11:Our vote means nothing
12:Roίauer Lδnde
13:Destroy your self


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