Anarcrust-demo tape

Anarcrust is one of the well kept secrets of crust scene.They formed in Rotterdam, Nethrlands in mid/late 80's and their history is a mystery: There are no any infos on the web about them, they released the eponymous ep (1992), Progression or Decline lp (1992), "Freedom Of Coalescence" (1993) and "Smooth As A Motherfucker: Live In Maribor 1.3.95". They also contributed tracks in Think Globally, Act Locally 7" comp and "Whispers" 2xLP comp (1996)
Their demo comes from late 80's, not quite sure about the year (88,89 or so) and consists six tracks (plus an intro) of crust of their own style. Raw sound and about 11:30" total running time
2:Bad aid
3:The twitchings of pain
4:Straight edge
5:One way to death


Basement Rekordz said...

hello there.. i'm shammir from Malaysia ..

here my email : basement.recordstore@gmail.com

crust demo blog things ? ? its awesome..

i would like to make bootleg tape (DIY dubbing) for the demo , there still people that don't have internet and computer here in malaysia - or maybe don't listen to mp3 or they don't have MP3 device,etc .. i need your help and permission, it really appreciated it ..

yes, its bootleg !! but i want it to come out as a great bootleg tape for demo only, like cover will digitally photostat .. or PC pinter

tape label with sticker ..
i can't make it 10 years ago .


Anonymous said...

ine apo to 88.

ran said...

hey fix this thing yo