VA-Belgian campaign for musical destruction continues-Vol II(1991,tape)

A 4 way live bootleg tape released in 1991 by Grinding Morbidity Tapes including four Belgian bands:Agathocles,Hiatus,Acoustic Grinder and Private Jesus Detector. The recordings come from different gigs during the 1991: Acoustic Grinder tracks come from two different gigs from their tour in Germany in summer 91(Wittenberg and Leipzig),Agathocles tracks come from a gig in Leipzig,Private Jesus Detector tracks are taken from a live in Liege and Hiatus tracks are from gigs in Holland,Belgium and USA.(AG contribution and some of Acoustic Grinder come from the same gig in Leipzig)
33 tracks (plus an intro) for 42 minutes of grinding noise and crust, and 81 Mb.AG used the title "Campaign for musical destruction" for the AG/Farhenheit AGX split cd-r
Acoustic Grinder:
02:Can't ignore this fucking war
03:John Holmes (Hiatus cover)
04:Instruments of death
06:Its a fascist world
07:What about my life
08:Society decay
09:This victory is not ours
10:If you feel right you have to do it (suicide)
11:Splattered brains (part 2)
13:Catch the fishhook [AG cover]
14:Consuming endoderme pus [AG cover]
15:Disastrous luxury results
16:Victims of life
17:Nuclear world
18:Superman bastard
19:Police crimes
20:No answer to lead me
21:he truth begins where man stops to think
22:Mutilated regurgitator
23:What a nerve
24:Kill your idols
Private Jesus Detector
27:Paralyze power
28:Battlefields of decay
29:Whose error
39:Fear (Discard cover)
32:Silence is consent
33:Take over
34:A symbol of...


Anonymous said...

I used to own this! Bought it AT Wild Rags when it came out! THANK YOU!!! Aaaah...teenage memories!

Anonymous said...

nice tape! and that from bands before my time in the scene!
thanks for all the stuff!!

aStroStrich said...

link is not working now!