Amebix-V Zivo, Live in Ljubljana Slovenia (tape,1987)

This gem is the boot tape of Amebix gig in Ljubljana in 1986 that later became the "Make some fucking noise" cd(1997,The Only Good Dealer Is A Dead One Records).
This tape was put out in 1987 by Fang And Attitude and just like the "Make some fucking noise", the I.C.B.M. is not listed on the track list while on tape and cd has different lyrics to the "Monolith" and "The power remains" version. The cover here is from Fang And Attitude release but there is also this tape version (this is probably another boot including some recordings from a London gig).
The sound quality is fackin good for bootleg recording and as far as i know there is a USA tape re-release (2003 Arson Records)

I found this diamond in the amazing Audio Heaven , a blog with a variety of records of heavy music(from hard rock to black metal and from crossover to goregrind). Many thanks to Alex for this.
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Slobodan Burgher said...

When I first saw this post I thought that you wrote that this is the same as the Make Some Fucking... LP - but then I listened to it and realised that it isn't! Which you clearly write...lol...anyway. Thanks for this.