Otkaz ot Nasilija-Pseudo progress (1998,tape)

Here's an obscure band from an unknown to most of you(and me) scene: Otkaz ot Nasilija a.k.a. Disviolence were a raw d-beat crustcore straight edge band from Novosibirsk, Russia. All i know about them is they have two demos, "Pseudo-proggress"(1998) and "Straight line"(1999) and they are somehow connected with Boynja Nomer Pyat (Slaughterhouse Five). Pseudo-proggress is included in the 60-min "We all are positive" tape, a four demo complilation tape [Otkaz ot Nasilija, Posadil Derevo(Volgograd, Russia, metalcore), Cita Attieksme(Latvia, hc) and xSKYGRAINx (Moscow, Russia sXe hc)
I found this on Diversion e-zine but its in russian language and i don't understand not any single word

Otkaz ot Nasilija-Pseudo progress


Anonymous said...

Thanx for info about my bands.:))

new Boynya nomer pyat:

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kktz said...
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Anonymous said...

i like it, also downloaded all Boynya Nomer Pyat stuff, split, even old Hate To State demo that i was searching for ages, cheers from croatia. kktz