Stack-Demo (tape,1994)

Stack were a powerviolece band from Hessen Germany and this is their demo tape recorded in 1994. Their discography incudes the "Mondonervaktion 7”, Selbstfundingsgruppe’ 6”, split ep's with Carol, Capitalistic Casualties, Narsaak, Seein Red and a 10"/lp,there is also a Discography Cd. Members of Stack were involved with bands such as Fear is the Path to the Dark Side, Black Shape of Nexus, Nyctophobic, Hellstrom, Diavolo Rosso, Abolition, and others.
Stack deliver here five tracks mixing the contrast of fast and slower parts with harsh screaming vocals and crust heaviness. About 13 minutes total running time and raw but descent production
2:In the line of fire
4:Blanker stahl

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