Rising Terror-Rehersal demo 2000

Anatellon Tromos (Rising Terror) was formed in 1998 including former members of Ashen Breath, Negative Stance, Psychosis and Hibernation (*) They released in 2001 "o paidikos mas polemos"(Our childhood's war) cd and soon after that they disbanded despite the fact there was new material for recording.
Here's a rehersal/practice recording from March 2000. 14 tracks and most of them appear in Childhood's war. They cover Chaos Generation and Koinonika Apovlita (Social Waste) tracks , the production is raw but members skills and their technical metallic crust makes the result interesting. Female vocals and some male backing vocals, lyrics about everyday life in a social and pessimistic view
01:sth gh tou anatellontos tromou(in the land of rising terror)
02:Skorpiemai (Getting collapsed)
03:Asphyxia (Suffocation)
04:Mia ripi sto mellon (a shot in the future)
05:To Telos Vryxatai Panetoimo(the end is roaring)
06:Misi alitheia (half truth)
07:Epistimoniki pragmatikotita (Scientific reality)
08:Anamniseis (Memories)
09:Sta nixya tis polis (in the city claws)
10:oi nikites (victors)
11:O paidikos mas polemos (our childhood's war)
12:Mikres kataigides apelpisias (Little storms of despair)
13:Mavro to croma tis sterisis (Black, the color of deprivation)
14:Musiki se fonto kokkino (Music in red)
track 13 is song of Generation of Chaos and track 14 is Koinonika Apovlita (Social Waste)


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thanks for the great blog but i cant play these songs they are .ogg i dont know what that is can you make mp3 p lease
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oh c'mon Ray, you could convert .ogg to mp3, there are some many progs