Abstain-Superiority complex (tape,1997)

This is the demo tape of west coast crust-grinders Abstain,recorded in 1997.Brutality and aggression are delivered through nine tracks (incl. a Dropdead cover) and 12:30" of old school grindcore with raging guitars, manic vocals and tempos varying from midpaced parts to bursting blasts. Their discography includes split ep's with Denak, Nasum, Agathocles, and Unholy Grave, the 'Defy' 3" mcd, the '99 US tour 7", the "World full of zombies" lp and a live split cd with Arsedestroyer. There is also a posthumous discography cd released in 2003 by SOA Records (Italy) including the demo tracks

1: Choke
2: Mediawhore
3: The ruling class
4: The feeling
5: Unjustified murder (Drop Dead cover)
6: Catharsis
7: The feeling II
8: Poetic justice
9: Superiority complex


Anonymous said...

sweet, love abstain. thanks alot!
by any chance do you have the excruciating terror demo "vision of terror"?

7inchcrust said...

yes i have it, papst benedikt of Am i Mean? blog send this to me sometime a go so it could be better to ask him about posting it in his own blog

rayss said...

great split with nasum can you reup this tape thans
ray ss

7inchcrust said...

link is fixed