Nuclear Death Terror-st demo tape

Nuclear Death Terror its a five piece(four guys, one girl) crust band from Copenhagen Denmark, they were formed in 2004 including ex Uro members. They recorded in 2005 an 8-track demo tape on Plague Bearer Records and toured in many countries in Europe, in January 2007 they released their first full length.
NDT in their demo tape mix the d-beat crustcore of Doom with some metallic elements in a amazing combination. The guitars are down-tuned, aggressive and violent, the rhythm section is full of energy and moves fast while the vocals are deep low howls. The tracks are fast followed by some slower emotional parts, there are some slow apocalyptic crust intros, the lyrics are about war, destruction of planet, state control and the sound quality is fucking good, sounding almost like an official release. The tape comes in a nice package and good looking inlay sleeve and is sold out.
1:Cities to dust
2:Nightmare reality
3:System control
5:Police funeral
6:Life of pain
8:The final harvest


Anonymous said...

Nice! Can't wait to hear that Anarchus again after nearly 20 years!

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Hi Sean! its me, this is my other blog... :)

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