Hiatus-The frightening men's story

Hiatus was formed in Liege, Belgium in May 1989 and "The Frightening Men's Story" is their first demo tape, selfproduced by the band and recorded in summer of 1989.
Hiatus became known for blending E.N.T./Doom/Discharge and "The Frightening Men's Story" is a raw version of their later material: Gruff insane vocals ala ENT, Doom distorted riffs, fast tempos and the whole stuff rages under a crusty Discharge feeling. The production is raw(its 1989,dont forget it..), the atmosphere is chaotic and the band seems to enjoy making noise for about 23 minutes. This shit was followed by "In my mind" demo tape about a year later
Thanks to my good friend Annie'sanimal who sent me this rip, its one loooong track the entire demo.. I included in the rar folder the inlay with lyrics texts from the second demo, it will be ripped and posted here, hopefully :)
01: Dead
02: Break the system
03: Blow up
04: War's for murderers
05: i ll shoot my self
06: Apartheid must stop
07: Bad taste
08: No use
09: Lets go to pub and drink some beer
10: Murdering scum
11: The ballad of Pee Wee
12: Levi's 501


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