Diskobra - Agónia

Agónia is the latest and fresh new release by D-beaters Diskobra from Budapest, Hungary. The band started back in 2013 and has several releases tapes and vinyls. Agónia was recorded in August 2019, it is currently in bandcamp and cassette release is coming soon, it consists of eight tracks and sixteen minutes of D-beat and delivers the goods: There's no any  reinvention of wheel but pure D-beat with the usual guitar riffs, basic bass lines, shouted vocals and songs structure, The old school D-beat without the need of endless distortion, the way is played to be as close as can be to Discharge.
The sound quality is excellent and lyrics are a bit melacholic and exress inner darkness: Kobra sings in Hungarian but there is english translation in bandcamp: "What can you take away from someone, who has already lost everything?" looks like someone from the band had bad times lately, Anyway Agónia is a great piece of  D-beat, congruts to the band for this little piece of D-beat shit. Stay tuned for the physical release.


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