Distant Abuse - Gargoyles ‎cd

Distant Abuse is a D-beat crustcore band from Bryansk, Russia, formerly known as Travolta. Travolta was acrive in 2015 and in 2017 the band changed name to Distant Abuse,  Gargoyles is the second release under that name after Dirty Bomb demo cassette from 2017, it came out as cd in December 2018 (but according to their bandcamp it was recorded in 2015), it was released by No Bread and delivers 13 tracks and nearly 22 minutes of fast D-beat Crustcore with brutal vocals. This is fast and ferocious D-beat driven crustcore and the only connection with grindcore is the cover artwork, the singer growls in Russian but there is english explanation in bandcamp, the sound quality is decent, songs are fast and short and some proggression in song structres would make things even better. Anyway, listen it in bandcamp..


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