Dismotivny/Escöria - Dia Apos Dia (split tape)

This is a split tape with Dismotivny from Argentina and Escöria from Brazil, the cassette came out in 100 copes and is co-released by many labels:Two Beers or Not Two Beers Records, Lonely Noise Records, Crust Or Die Collective, 13 Tumbas, Prptesta Distro, Antipoder DistroNihil Punk Attack, Los Pajaros Records, Humanidade Cancer Distro, Manaos Distro, TUFO Rec Distro label.
Dismotivny released a split tape with Besthoven in 2017 and are going to release a split cd with Nihil, here they contribute three tracks of crusty D-beat with old school flavor.
Escöria is a long time standing band from Rio Grande do Sul, they started in 1996 and they have many releases under their belt, they deliver three tracks of D-beat crust punk with crunchy guitat sound and rough throaty vocals, each band sings in its native language.
Total running time for the cassette is over 15 minutes, there is a download link provided by the bands (thanks Gattus!) including artwork, enjoy the noise!

dnld link

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Crustofsky said...

hi! check out Talacactus from Argentina, they mix hc punk with crust, fastcore and rock n roll