Diisbömber-st & Down in the trenches

D-beat crusties Diisbömber from Denver, Colorado, USA, seem to be very profilic since recenly they unleashed two digital releases in bandcamp. For those unfamiliar with the band, Diisbömber (yes its ii) started as duet a few months ago and now they are three member band, they are a D-beat band with crusty flavor, their first release was A Result of War in November of 2018 and was followed by their eponymous and Down in the trenches, both came out in April 2019. Following the same pathway since their debut, Diisbömber deliver D-beat crust with crunchy guitar sound, shouted vocals and typical song stroctures, Motorhead's  classic Bomber is amazing cover, lyrics about anti-war, peace and equality and against corrupt, oppressive, warmongering governments. All releases are available in bandcamp, didn't see anything about physical release.

st bandcamp
Down in the trenches - bandcamp

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