Diisbomber-A Result Of War

Diisbomber is a new D-beat duet from Denver, Colorado, USA and yes its Diis and not Dis-name,  and this is their first demo, currently in digital format in bandcamp. A Result Of War delivers three songs, including Discharge's Always Restrictions classic and lasts nearly six and a half minutes and brings old school flavored D-beat. Not any reinvention of wheel here but nicely delivered D-beat the way it has to be. Sound quality is excellent and lyrics deal with anti-war, peace and equality. Wish only there were more songs here. Asi said this is currently available in bandcamp, hope so see a release in physical format


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Emily Gilmore said...

Hey I dont know if this is how to contact you but i was wondering if you would take my band submission. We are Emily Gilmore-- Femme fronted 2piece feminist, anarchist, anti-male, anti-class warfare noise punk from NY. We just released our first album 'Only Prostitutes Have Two Glasses Of Wine At Lunch' on our bandcamp for free. Lyrics deal with destroying patriarchy, vengeance against rapists and abusers, exposing scene misogyny, violence, oppression, and unforgiving treatment of victimizers and rapists and capitalists. Uncompromising anarchists. Heavily influenced by Anti-Product, Crass, Dystopia, Anarchism, Feminism. Link to album: