Stench of Death-Scars of Terror

Stench of Death who are named after Raw Noise's first 7", hail from São Paulo, Brazil, they  a crust punk/crustcore band, they were formed back in 2010, sometime they called it a day, they came back in action in 2018 with Scars of Terror and a single track release and apart from these they have the 4 way split cd with Whipstriker, Nuclear Frost and Infamous Glory (2015) and a contribution to A Tribute to Disrupt - Undead 2xLP (2013). Aparently not much activity all these years but 2018 seems to be a cool turning point and Scars of Terror is a great come back.
Scars of Terror was recorded in 2018 it is available in bandcamp but not any information about physical release and hell yeah, this is so fucking great and deserves to come out as cd or vinyl: Music wise it is a piece of monstrous crustcore: fast, brutal and full aggression, a perfect combination of early Extreme Noise Terror and early Doom. Bringing a crustcore storm that lasts over nineteen minutes long, Scars of Terror sounds like a perfect blending of A Holocaust in Your Head and Warcrimes Inhuman Beings or Bury the Debt, delivering seven songs, of fast, D-beat drive crustcore with rough vocals and even the slower tracks, Religion Fuck Off and Civil War deliver the goods. I guess everybody loves early Doom and Extreme Noise Terror so you are going to enjoy this belter.
Overall, this is a great piece of brutal crustcore and a nice find to me, i hope to see it in physical format and hope to see more from the band, this is available for streaming in bandcamp


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