Münchner Hell-VICIO! VICIO! VICIO!

First post for 2019 is a band from Latin America: Münchner Hell was a nice find for me, they are a D-beat punk from Colima, Mexico, they were formed in 2015 and VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! is their third release after Luces de la Muerte (lights of death) and Keepers of the d​-​beat key (now thats a cool title, ism't it?), both released in 2016. The band toured and played many gigs in Mexico and members were/are involved in other local punk and metal bands.
VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! consists of six tracks and delivers D-beat crust punk with thick and heavy guitar sound, amazing work with catchy guitar riffs with some glimpses of melody, pumelling bass and deep low vocals from a singer who sings in Spanish. All songs are in  the same fast or faster pace, sound quality is rough and the six tracks of release last nearly 14 minutes.Favorite tracks: Banados en fuego, Cae la noche, Vanzetti and Sacco
All and all VICIO! VICIO! VICIO! is a nice effort and worth to listen,  a great piece of rough D-beat crust and the way they deliver it in this rough sound, it really works well. It is available in youtube and bandcamp (along with lyrics) as well all Münchner Hell releases but i didn't see anything about physical release.


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