Nocturnal Scum-st ep

And as the cold winter plagues Eiropean continent, Nocturnal Scum unleash hellish fire and their stenchcore attack makes the freezing cold a bit bearable, or do they make the temperature dive into more cold? Anyway, Nocturnal Scum formed in Berlin, Germany a few years ago, their first work was their 2016 demo and their first mark of solid metallic crust/stenchcore. Two years later they strike again with a six track ep and hell yeah, they deliver the goods!
The new material comes out as 12" MLP on Angry Voice Records, it was recorded in winter 2017/18  in band's rehearsal space, it was mastered by Enormous Door and artwork was made by Ernst Morsch. Music wise, the band remains devoted to the old school stenchcore they brought in their demo. Heavy metallic guitar riffs, driving bass, rough female vocals from  Katrien (ex-Last Legion Alive) and clanking drums with slower/midpaced parts and D-beat when the pace goes faster. There is an old school feeling, this rotting, primitive sound reminiscent of '80's/early '90's  crust and stenchcore from UK: The spirit of Deviated Instinct, early Hellbastard, Extinction of Mankind and Amebix seems to live in Nocturnal Scum and  reflects on their music and the eerie front cover artwork.
All and all this is a great piece of stenchcore crust delivered in 300 copies of vinyl, available from Angry Voice Records, the ep is also available for streaming/downloading in bandcamp along with lyrics.Listen it and let there be hell!


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