Nocturnal Scum-Demo 2016

Nocturnal Scum is a female fronted crust/stenchcore band from Berlin, incl. members of Kriminal and here's their fresh new demo. The demo consists of four tracks and nearly sixteen minutes of metallic crust: Nocturnal Scum incorporate crust and metal and deliver heavy, metal influenced crust by blending some classic bands of the genre (Amebix, Misery, Deviated Instinct) with the Swedish death metal bands of early '90's: There are slow and midpaced emotional parts, faster passages where the D-beat appears, metal edged heavy, metallic and solid sound delivered by the guitar duet and rough vocals by Katrien (ex-Last Legion Alive singer) that fit nicely with the sonic hell, All and all this is a nice piece of metallic crust, simillar to bands such as Hellshock and the likes. I didn't find any info about physical release yet, this will come out as cassette in a few weeks, currently this is available in bandcamp for your listening pleasure. The demo was finished recently, it was recorded Dec 2015/Jan2016 .


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