Voice of Crows/Hadak Ura-split tape

Voice of Crows and Hadak Ura come both from Ohio, United States and here they team up for a split release that will come out as cassette. Both bands are unknow to me, Voice of Crows (not any site around) come from Central/South-East Ohio, they deliver five tracks of D-beat driven crust with metallic and mournful guitar feeling, simillar to neo-crust/melodic crust bands, fast and sometimes extremelly fast, with deep low shouted vocals, the pace gets slower to tracks such as Cost of Love and Love Illussions with these slow intros before the rest of song take off while the ending track Turn To The Clouds is a slow emotional crust anthem,
Hadak Ura come from Columbus, they contribute four songs, blending hardcore with black metal and grindcore. their noise is rough, dark and ear tormenting with doomy heaviness, the songs pace vary from fast to slow and emotional (Planned Obsolescence has this slow emotional part that kicks ass) while the vocals come from the black metal territory. Both bands songs are uploaded in bandcamp, the tape is going to come out soon

Voice of Crows
Hadak Ura

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Adrián Osorio said...

the neo-crust is real,
the doomness madness to.