Atomkrig-st 7"

Atomkrig come from Lisbon, Portugal and include people who were/(are?) in mighty Sustëem Kooma, who's Another Victim, Another War was a great piece of or D-beat punk, a pure early Warvictims worship and one of my favorite releases of the last year, Atomkrig continue the same tradition of D-beat and recorded siz tracks in May/August 2015 for a 7" that will be released by Crucificados Pelo Sistema in May/June. Music wise Atomkrig deliver rough D-beat crust but without the deep and clear Warvictims inspiration. This is full of power and anger typical three chord D-beat with decent for the genre sound quality. As i said many time in the past in simillar cases, there is no any novelty nor reinvention of genre here but pure and solid D-beat as we known it. Thats it. Members of band are/were also in bands such as F.D.P.D.C., Reltih, Barba de Sapo, A Tree of Signs, Disthrone, Scum Liquor and Extreme Unction. This is courently available in bandcamp.


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