Bömbärdeo/D.H.K.-La Vida Es Un Infierno! split cd

La Vida Es Un Infierno! is a split cd with two bands from South America:Bömbärdeo from Chile and D.H.K. from Peru contribute five songs each and both deliver a sonic hell of D-beat raw punk. Bömbärdeo hail from Santiago, they started in 2013, i posted their debute D-Beat Purista Punk back in 2014, in 2015 they released En vivo Salas de Independecia (live in Argentina in December '14) this split is their third release. D.H.K. (Destruye, Huye, Krea) come from Lima, Peru, they are active since 2011 and they are one of the top bands of this country with several releases under their belt (check here )while a split w Maquina Muerta is planned for the 2016, La Vida Es Un Infierno! is a DIY effort, released by the bands and delivers 21 minutes of noisy and raw D-beat. Both bands deliver simillar noise and fit nicely in the split: Raw, primitive, distorted and chaotic noise punk with political lyrics (in Spanish). There's no need to rant more about it. If you are in to D-beat/raw punk then you know what's goin' on here. There is a youtube vid and a dnld link provided by the bands. La Vida Es Un Infierno! came out as cdr pro and its going to come out as a cassette too, contact the bands for  copy.

dnld link

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cierto, sonido raw, enojado, y líricas directas con puro sentimiento punk.