Polis ​Äckel-World wide death culture

Polis ​Äckel come from Italy and Worldwide death culture is their debute cassette released by Imminent Destruction Records, I don;t know anything about this band, according to an interview in Maximum Rock n Roll, they are located in Marche region near Ancona and Ascoli, they started in late 2014, their name means "disgust the police" and the good news is they are going to record new songs for a 7" on Imminent Destruction. You can read the interview here.
Music wise, World wide death culture brings D-beat raw punk influenced by Disclose and simillar to bands such as Sex Dwarf, Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Life Chain, Disease, Aspects of War, Silent Order, Nomad, Komplott, etc etc etc Noisy and chaotic raw punk full of reverb, distortion to maximum, with echoed vocals and all out political lyrics. According to the band, "First pressing sold fast so here's the 2nd (and final) pressing, limited to 100 hand numbered copies on pro-made yellow cassettes with lyric inlay card". You can get a copy from Imminet Destruction before run out


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loud noisy beats.