Cloaca/Recidive-split tape/7"

Here's a split with Cloaca from Canada and Recidive from France: Cloaca hail from Montréal and this is their first release after their demo from 2015, posted here, Here they contribute three tracks and a  furious and raging hardcore attack, in the vein of USHC bands such as Cut the Shit, Tear it Up, the Bastard cover is well done. Recidive come from Metz,they offer four songs and deliver simillar to Cloaca noise, hyperfast hardcore full of intensity and wrath, Official artwork is still in the making, the split will be released in France on vinyl and in Canada on cassette, you can stream the songs in bandcamp. The bands will tour together in Europe to celebrate this split

Cloaca side
Recidive side

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Unknown said...

Liked both bands, very energetic sound, and cloaca lyrics are good and direct.