Disaxis-Life ep

Disaxis is one of the few bands who have myspace page during 2016, instead farcebook or ReverbNation or blog or whatever. Oh come one man! get rid off this impractical crappy shit! (ok ok there is a tumbrl page, here) The band is one man project from St Thomas, Ontario, Canada and this is the debute recording, released in autumn of 2015. Life consists of seven tracks of D-beat with sick black metal-ish vocals and the simplicity of music reminiscent of greek D-beaters Doomed Again with the addition of a few crust parts in guitar riffs here and there. The prons of Life are the guitar riffs, the decent sound and some nice lyrics, the cons are the lack of variety in singing and drum beat since all songs walk in simillar pace but what the hell, repetitiveness is the main accusation against such bands so just ignore the cons.. Anyway this is good effort and hope to hear more from that guy, Life is available in bandcmp along with the lyrics.


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