Toxicology-Discredit The Badge & Paid By the Kill demos

i know Toxicology since they unleashed the three track Shellshock from Birth demo back in 2013, they come from Fairlawn, New Jersey and their first recording was a grind/crust blast with rough vocals, all out political lyrics, D-beat drumming and shreading guitar riffs, in ther next recordings Discredit The Badge (2016) & Paid By the Kill (2015), the band moved into more brutal and grinding pathways and transformed into a grindcore band influenced by Excruciating Terror, Infest, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Siege, Nasum, Rotten Sound Disrupt,etc D-beat parts stilll exist but the whole thing is wayyyy more brutal, there are four tracks in each of the last demos incl, a re-recording of Inherited manslaughter which first appeared in Shellshock from Birth, All and all this stuff is brutal and atrocious, no need to say anything else. All demos are available in bandcamp.

Toxicology bandcamp


Unknown said...

growls are sweet
grind it!

Anonymous said...

New Toxicology tape on Serenity Now Tapes! https://serenitynowtapes.bandcamp.com/album/sn12-with-consequence