Disacusia-Tripalium ep

Disacusia come from João Pessoa- PB, Brazil and Tripalium is their debute ep, recently uploaded in bandcamp. As usual i know nothing about the band since their mail was "Hello! We are Disacusia band of the city of João Pessoa- PB, Brazil !  We launched our first official material", music wise they deliver Crust D-beat with metallic flavor, i know this sounds generic but thats what they deliver, sometimes they remind of their Brazilian crusties Barrikaadi from Bello Horizonte with a slightly more brutal apporach to music because of the grindcore hints that pop up sometimes. The ep is available in bandcamp, check them in farcebook, twitter, soundcloud and instargram..
 And a little trivia:Tripalium is an instrument of torture involving three stakes


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"Bendito sea el trabajo, dad gracias al señor" -> "Blessed be the work, give thanks to the lord"