Warbombs-st tape

Warbombs is a D-beat raw punk band from Barcelos/Braga, Portugal and here's their debute tape, released by Raw'n'Roll Records and limited to 100 copies (first 20 will have a special promo pack including Tape+Tee), Musically this is another Discharge worship in the well trodden path we know from so many bands but also blending elements of the Extreme Noise Terror crustcore ferociousness. The eight songs and 8:35" of total running time deliver fast paced D-beat inspired by the usual suspects (Discharge, Varukers, etc), shouted vocals and lyrics about the familiar topics for the genre (war, corruption etc), there are typical three chord riffs with some nice ideas transformed into catchy riffworks, basic bass lines and decent sound quality. This is fast and aggressive and some Extreme Noise Terror hints pop up here and there. All and all this is another piece of D-beat, made with passion and love for the genre. The tape was released by Raw n Roll Rex and you can get it Hellprod, it is also available for streaming in bandcamp

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