Final Nightmare-Demo 2016

How about some more raw punk? Final Nightmare is a trio from Zúrich, Switzerland, they are a raw punk band and this is their four track demo, they started as Disbelief but had to change the name due a copy right thing. The demo was recorded during 2015 and is preety short, it last less than five minutes, it was recorded with a multitrack recorder and brings raw and distorted D-beat raw punk: This is simple, raw, noizy and distorted without any attempt of reinventing the wheel, just following the same road the noise raw punk bands walk. The guitar delivers the typical chaotic noise in three chords riffs, the rhythm section gives the D-beat driven pace while vocalist (who also plays the bass) shouts in English and Spanish, I do't know if there is any physical format of this demo, this is not even in bandcamp, currently there's just a youtube vid and a dnld link provided by the band. Enojy it!

dnld link

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload!
Demo Tape is now available. Just write us an E-Mail: finalnightmarezh@gmx.ch

Cheers Jan//Final Nightmare