Asherah-System failure demo II

Asherah is a five man act from Ashevile, North Carolina, United States and System Failure is their second demo after their four track first demo tape, released about a year ago, members were/are in bands such as Just Die!, Killing Solves Everything, Autarch and Disnomia. According to the band, they deliver "crust influenced emotional hardcore, with songs about dealing with depression, loss, racism, sexism and various political issues". System failure brings four tracks (two new and two old) of melodic crust/neo crust, emotional and mournful, this is what the haters call "hipster crust", The guitar parts have really interesting moments, the vocalist delivers rough yells/screams, there is no clean singing here, the lyrics are the usual for the genre personal poems, each song lasts three or four minutes and the demo ends after fourteen minutes, Comparing System Failure with the first demo we find less acoustic parts here and a step slightly closer to the crust territory. I didn't find any info about a physical release of this, it was uploaded in bandcamp in August 2015. As for the name Asherah, it appears in Semitic mythology, is a mother goddess who appears in a number of ancient sources.Akkadians, Hittites and even in the Bible. As epilogue: This is better than expected, no cheesy, no hipster shit, if you are into melodic crust, neo-crust, post hardcore, this is a nice demo for you. Both demos are available in bandcamp incl, the lyrics

System Failure

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