Suffer the Pain-Midnight sacrifice lp

Suffer the Pain strike again and this time with their first full lenght official release after a split ep and several tapes, the band need no introduction since all their releases are posted in this blog. Midnight sacrifice is released by Phobia Records and comes in 400 black and 100 clear/splatter copies, there is also a cassette on Masasiorangutan Records. The record consists of fourteen tracks including 2-3 old re-recorded songs, music wise it delivers primitive metal punk blending D-beat with Swedish death metal incorporating elements from both sides, crust punk and metal. The record moves in fast pace, the songs are short but there are slower/mid-paced tracks with a Hellhamer-ish flavor, the sound is primitive but decent for the genre, the guitar delivers distorted metal riffs, the old school death metal growls are there and the D-beat drumming fits nicely. All and all this is a solid piece of metal punk, if you want your crust with metal influences, if you want your death metal to be crust punk orientated then this is for you, This is available from Phobia Records or directly from Suffer the Pain, this is also available in band's and label's bandcamp

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