M.A.D.-Nuclear fucker demo 2015

from wiki: "Mutual assured destruction or MAD, is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both"
Here's an awesome D-beat raw punk demo from an unknown band named M.A.D. all i know about them is they are from Kansas, US, there is no trace about them on the web, if you know anything just wrote some lines here. There is another band named M.A.D. but they come from Long Island/NYC.  Nuclear Fucker is a five track demo, is available in bandcamp and probably came out as cassette, it lasts nine minutes and delivers raw punk in the vein of Dispose, Disable Disease, Aspects of War, Skanka, Paranoid, Narcoleptics and the likes. Distorted guitar and bass, reverb'ed vocals and D-beat storm, i love it,  as can get.


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