Hädar-Real war tape

Hädar hail from Purwosari in Pasuruan city,east Java, Indonesia and first met them here when i posted Stop the War cd a couple of years ago. Stop the War was a typical D-beat, good enough and honest but many things changed all these years and new elements first appeared in two track Nuclear Nightmare and now in Real War: Hädar has transformed into a melodic crust balancing among the neo-crust bands, the bands such as Wolfbrigade, Wolfpack and Tragedy and bands such as Morne, Vestiges and Fall of Efrafa: This is melodic and epic but without falling in the trap and become cheesy, there are twelve tracks incl an intro and outro, there is the usual D-beat, nice leading guitars, some acoustic parts, there is a shortened to 7 minutes cover of Fall of Efrafa's For El Ahraihrah to cry, well delivered. This is so great and honestly the first time i couldn't stop listening until the end of last song. This is a great surprise and if these kids were from US or Europe many more people would have been aware about them. Real war came out as cassette in very limited number of copies (only 25) and its available in bandcamp.


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