Argentavis/Dispara-split lp

This is a split with two bands from United States who team up for a split release that came out by the bands as cassette and vinyl , Argentavis is a five piece crust act from Santa Rosa, California, they are connected with local bands such as Deras Krig (they got two great demos, the 2nd one is posted here), Hellbomber and Shadown of Progress and this is their first release. Here they contribute five songs and music wise they deliver D-beat crust in a Tragedy 's version that stands closer to typical D-beat punk, blending Tragedy and From Ashes Rise with Discharge and Doom, this may sound generic as description but its not as music: They have added a dark and gloomy feeling in their D-beat, they included some hints of melody but they stay away from what could be called metallic/metal influenced crust, the guitar is heavy the vocals are low and shouted (and remind of Tragedy), all these things they bring, are somehow the epitomy of crust as we know it during the last decades. I really like their side, their songs are available in bandcamp, btw Argentavis was the biggest known and ever discovered bird, for more check wikipedia. Dispara hail from Seattle and they are not related with D-beaters Dispara from Corona, i got a mail from Jordan (drums) with many many details, so here they are: Formed in winter 2013/14 by Pancho (vox), Jordan and his bro Aj (guit) as a downtuned and heavy d-beat crust band with deep punk roots and shotgun blast energy, lyrics and ideals are geared towards exposing real life struggles of the eternally oppressed immigrant/minority and the inherent racism that permeates the system, as well as more personal issues like self-medicating, anxiety, greed and war (Pancho is 1st generation american citizen), they recorded a five track demo with two singers but never was officially released until a lineup change, removal of a few songs and a brief tour summer of 2014. (find it here). They continued as four piece and a gig with Argentavis was the reason for the collaboration for this split. Their side of vinyl delivers four songs of tuned down raging crust with pissed vocals and the usual D-beat drum work. The whole work was done by H-Murder (drummer of Catheter, Dödsfälla and others) and Bad People Records. I said enough, go for it.

Argentavis side
Dispara side

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