Svordom-Förstörd Värld

Svordom is a crust quartet from Turku, Finland, they started in 2014 and have played a dozen of gigs, their first demo was Svett, Spott & Svordomar (Sweat, Spit & Swearing), it came out as a three song cassette, Förstörd värld (Ruined world) is their second release, it was recorded in November 2015 and will come out as cassette too. Music wise, Förstörd värld delivers six songs a strange blending of crust, neo crust and hardcore, in some songs they are a neo crust band (Kärlek dödar), in others they are a hardcore band (Förstörd värld) and sometimes they mix both subgenres (Häxjakt). The catchy guitar riff of Låt dom aldrig få se dig gråta brings in mind Blondie's One way or another. (or is it me who gets it hahaah). Good stuff, both Svordom releases are available in bandcamp, the band has fardcebook, soundcloud, Youtube, etc, all link in their bandcamp page.


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