Regnvm Animale-Et sic in infinitum cd

"Regnvm Animale is a Swedish extreme metal duo founded in late 2013. Born in the soil of crust and black metal, influenced by acts like Satyricon, Cortex and Accursed. They intertwine their crust roots with epic sound scapes, folk music and blackened beats. The lyrics are in Swedish and centres around topics like freedom, alienation, premises of being human and the state of society today. "Et sic in infinitum" follows the the same path as the d├ębut wand continues to deliver a special blend of blackened crust & black metal with a melodic touch. Alienation, the futility of existence & the inevitable downfall of society are themes that are covered with great passion to a backdrop of extreme metal that shapes a lot of classic influences into a sound scape that is still clearly our own."
The recording consists of nine tracks and beneath the black metal and crust blending there is a slight industrial-ish feeling (maybe because of the drum works or the riff proggress) and folk metal hints as well especially in the last song titled Grund and also elsewhere, Guitar is sharp, the distortion is kept in a level that avoids chaos to come up, There are catcy riffs, sometimes very intense and sometimes melodic with an almost ambient-ish mood. Some emotional acoustic moments appeear here and there. Vocals vary from shrieks to clean singing and from shouted to spoken word while some guest female vocals pop up from time to time. The best thing  here is the perfect matching of all these genres and the catchiness of songs that makes the recording interesting and eliminates any confusion and dullness that possibly could come up with all this genre blendind, yeah its a nice and interesting result that comes out from the speakers when you stream the tracks in bandcamp. Really good shit. This comes out also as cd


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