Wildspeaker- Survey The Wreckage

Wildspeaker come from TX, United States, they are not new comers in Crust Demos since their previous works, Revenge of the Hunted and Sylvan demo were posted in the past, Survey The Wreckage is their last release, it delivers ten tracks of female fronted blackened crust full of intensity and rage, with metal edged, heavy as hell guitar riffs, emotional mid paced parts and fast black metal driven outbreaks, desperate female screams and decent sound quality. As the band says, lyrics deal with "resilience of nature, downfalls of human civilization, as well as references to Magic the Gathering. Survey The Wreckage is a totally DIY release since it was recorded and mixed by the band (Mastering/Additional mixing by Garry Brents), This is available in bandcamp for free.


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